gg baby baby

Look at this precious bb.

I put off making him for a few months cause it just seemed too overwhelming (all. of. those. pieces!), but the whole process actually turned out to be very cathartic. Everything fit perfectly very impressive indeed. And he moves! Too bad he'll just be standing on my desk har har.

dot com

It's official. My website. Is. Up. Now you can view all the things I make in ONE place (all you lazy people like me, rejoice!).


Shingeki no Kyojin Phase 01

I did it. I watched Attack on Titan. And I get it. I get it y'all. It was glorious and now I'm broken.

Reasons why AoT left my life a mess:
  • It's hilarious. Never forget.
  • Interesting females! Exhibit A B C.
  • Beautiful action sequences.
  • First. Legit. Ship. The thirst is real.

2013 KDramas

Happy 2014 y'all. 2013 was a drama watching record for me:


  • School 2013 (3.5/5)
  • Flower Boy Next Door (3/5)
  • Monstar (3.5/5)
  • Master's Sun (3.5/5)
  • Answer Me 1994 (4/5)*
  • The Heirs (2/5)


  • Shark
  • I Hear Your Voice 
*First half of this was sooper good man and then they went and sacrificed the story for a Team Edward/Team Jacob gimmick. Left me disappointed and dissatisfied, but still definitely recommended (just for that first half).

In ya go

My 3DS finally has a home.

What I learned in the hour of putting this together:
  • Sewing leather is not that easy (my poor, poor machine)
  • I still hate attaching zippers
  • It will not turn out perfect. That's okay.
  • Picking out the fabric was the hardest part.